Aug 28 - 10:00am

All swim shots have been uploaded

Aug 27 - 9:30pm

505 swim shots made the cut and are currently being uploaded.

Still batch processing and leveling the run shots.

Aug 27 - 2:00pm

Began work on GoPro 50-50 swim shots while continuing uploads of run shots. See below for sample and stay tuned for updates!

Fifty-Fifty Swim

Aug 27 - 9:30am

Upload was interrupted last night so there's still 100 more bike photos and 600 run photos left in the upload queue. Hang tight!

Aug 26 - 10:00pm

All bike photos have been processed, leveled and are currently uploading! All bike photos will be available for viewing/ordering by midnight.

Aug 26 - 9:00pm 

Batch processing and leveling to 871 taken on my Sony A9 (including more pre-race, and bike photos taken overlooking Hapuna Beach south). There are about a hundred more bike photos to upload.

Aug 25 - 9:00pm

Downloaded 5074 images onto computer for processing along with a few 4K Drone and GoPro videos of the swim

Batch processing and leveling of 673  photos taken by Mercedes on her Nikon D5000 (including pre-race, and bike photos from the point) and uploaded to

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