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Wednesday, February 26, 2020 - 9:30 am

All photos have been uploaded and tagged with visible race numbers. For example, to find bib number 116, search  'hearts 116'. I have tagged all others as unknown (search 'hearts unknown').

The weather was forecasted for sunshine and warm weather, but we got the opposite. It was cold and rainy. I attempted to setup my laser trigger system at the finish line as a second shooter should I miss the shot because I'm at awards or helping at the photo booth, but the rain gave us some issues, so I apologize if I missed you! I'll get our little laser trigger system little umbrellas so we don't run into this problem in the future. 

The Photo Booth was a success! We had a line of ladies waiting to take their pics, and we didn't have any issues with printing. The emails sent out when we got to wifi-land. For the next event, we will have tubs to help sort through the props, and instructions at the booth entrance. Mahalo to Bree for preparing all the props, and to Kainoa for taking pictures and helping setup and take down.

Mahalo again to Acela and the rest of the Aloha Sports Kona crew for choosing Hawaii Sports Photography, and to Jim from JTL for always being accommodating. 

Hope to see you all at the next race!



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