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Fellow Kona triathlete Dave Wild put me in touch with pro triathlete Mike Vulanich, visiting from California, for a sponsor portrait session. Mike gave me a call before I hopped on Zwift. Coordinating our tentative schedule, we decided on capturing some swim shots the following morning for his Blue Seventy sponsor, hoping to capture some color during blue/golden hour which currently starts at 5:30am.

I had a long ride planned today and decided to break it up. I rode an easy hour in the morning and would get in a few hours in the afternoon. Soon after my fasted z1 morning ride, Chris had asked if I wanted to ride. He usually finishes work just in time for the Hare and Hounds event, where the faster groups hunt/chase down the slower ones. I usually hop on the C group because that's where my current fitness is, and he joins the smaller A group. We usually win because we have 3x the group size so there's a better chance of teamwork. He ends up pulling his team majority of the time, which is a great workout, but understandably frustrating. 

France was open on Zwift so I checked my previous Ventoux attempts on Strava. I couldn't find it by name so I sorted my rides by total elevation and freaked out. I've done some crazy rides. They're all virtual, but I impressed myself. Everesting isn't gonna happen without proper training, so I decided to go for 2 summits. At roughly 170w, I last made it to the top in 2 hours. My plan was 200w on the first climb, and see if I could hold 225w on the second. It's not often I get motivated for a big ride, so I couldn't settle for just one climb when I had the drive.

I had a late brunch, so I didn't hop on the bike till 3pm. I estimated 1h50 up, 20m down, 1h40 up, 20m down, so I wouldn't be done until after 7pm. The first climb felt as it should, fairly easy (200w/140hr) with no issues. I overshot the turnaround by about 5km because I couldn't see an explicit designation. Now I know where it is for next time (right next to the bend). The second summit was brutal. My hr jumped to 150bpm but was steady. 

I got off the bike at 7:30pm, showered and had dinner after 8pm, relaxed for a bit and didn't start prepping until 9pm. It's been soo long since I had a shoot, but my routine settled in. 

-Checked/charge batteries (camera, flash, drone, drone controller).

-Check/format memory cards.

-Pack appropriate cameras, lenses, flashes, drones, harness, tripod, light-stand)

Since my last blog, I purchased the Godox AD200Pro and V1, so I spent the good portion of an hour familiarizing myself with the settings. I liked the results with the fresnel lens and portable beauty dish with grid and diffuser but decided not to bring it to keep my pack small. 

By the time I was satisfied with my double- and tripe-checks, it was midnight. Set my alarms for 4:30am and passed out.

Mike was early so I dropped my gear off and parked. It took a few shots to balance lighting and still didn't get optimal background color. I should have brought the dish.

The V1/AD200 combo are much easier to manage than the giant Orlit strobes. If I need more than 1 light, I'll just use the Orlit setup. Most shots were done with the a9+35/1.4.

I swapped to the 70-200/2.8 for the swim in/out sequences. The beach was tiny, so I lost focus as he got close. I really need to get that 24-70/2.8.

I used the Mavic Mini for the aerial video, at 1080/60fps. I need to look into higher fps drones, but the preview looked smooth.

Out of 238 shots, 64 were flagged as publishable. I posted them for proofing, and will begin editing the ones he likes. I'll begin looking at the video while waiting.

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